This is my Bedtime CBD Baby Butter
Blended with lavender, vanilla, and chamomile in a skin softening shea butter that will have your baby smelling sweet and sleeping calmly for bed. CBD is safe for kids and this butter has a low dose for babies that will relax them and help you both get some rest. This may not be an every night use butter, but when you and your baby really need it you will be so glad that you have this on hand. Comes in a 6oz jar.

Shea butter
Lavender EO
Vanilla EO
Safflower Oil
Jojoba Oil 
Colloidal Oats 
Brazilian Purple Clay

Bedtime CBD Baby Butter

  • Best results if applied after a shower while the skin is damp but not too wet. Massage into the body until the oils are absorbed.


    100mg per dose for CBD

  • If stored in a cool dry place thi item will last up to 1 year.