Kidberry Tincture is a kidapproved version of elderberry tincture. This tincture has more of a sweet berry flavor that kids love, with all of the healing powers of elderberry. Comes in a 4oz bear container.
Our organic elderberries arrive dried and ready to prepare for syrups and tinctures. Elderberries are rich in vitamin c which is crucial for immune boosting. Elderberries help with fighting the flu, constipation, scar and wound healing, and much more! Elderberry is being recognized as the top immune booster. Elderberry elixers are at their highest quality when they are homemade organically with love.
Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants that fuel the body's ability to process out toxins. Blueberries also pair nicely with elderberry to fight the flu and makes for a great tasting formula that kids will love.
Strawberries are packed with more vitamin c than oranges! They also give our kidberry elixers that kid approved taste that will have them begging for more.
Rosehips are great because they are packed with vitamin c. What is particularly great is that they have the skin brightening and immune boosting properties that vitamin c has but unlike citrus, rosehips aren't as acidic.
Echinacea is known as the "throat coat" flower. This specifically helps with soothing a sore dry throat while it's also packed with vitamins that help to boost the immune system.
Cloves have amazing throat numbing qualities that helps tremendously when fighting the cold. It offers a camphor medicinal type of flavor that provides instant soothing relief to a sore throat.
Lemon adds a powerful dose of vitamin c to our elderberry elixers! It also moderates the sweetness of the mixture with a nice zesty tang flavor.
Ginger has always been a flu fighting hero! I use the whole fresh ginger root to add to the elderberries. Ginger helps with sore throats, upset stomach, and has immune boosting properties.
Garlic is known to most for it's savory flavor boost to many favorite dishes, but most don't know that garlic has powerful immune boosting and anti-bacterial properties. Fresh peeled garlic by itself is a powerful flu buster. The garlicky flavor is slightly detectable but does not take away from the berry and herbal blend of our elderberry formula.
Tumeric Root:
The "golden" herb is what tumeric is most commonly referred to for it's rich golden color to it's medicinal uses. Tumeric is a spice that is very commonly used in India for it's spicey almost cinnamon like flavor. It can be made into various drinks and recipes for consumption as a food product. Tumeric is anti-inflammatory, helps to heal scars and acne, and has a fabulous reputation for causing glowing skin
Cinnamon is known as a powerful antioxidant. It also pairs nicely with our elderberry herbal blends to give a warm herby flavor that children will love as much as they will benefit from it.
Hibiscus flowers are most recognized for their deep rich red color when they are in tea blends. Hibiscus encourages blood flow to the areas applies topically and tend to have an almost fruit like aroma.
Maple Syrup:
Maple syrup is a vegan sweetening alternative honey. Maple syrup is more suitable for infants and is exracted from tree sap. We use grade organic maple syrup only.
Vegetable Glycerin:
Vegetable glycerin is a sweet tasting clear fluid that comes from the saponification process of vegetable oils. It is food grade and edible. Vegetable glycerin has amazing humectant values much similar to honey. Vegetable glycerin draws in moisture and helps the skin to retain deep penetrating moisture. Glycerin leaves the skin feeling hydrated all day even in the most dry regions.
Spring Water:
Spring water is water in the most naturally pure form. I Select spring water because most other waters are processed using chemicals or have added minerals for "flavor"

Kidberry Tincture

  • Comes with a 3ml dropper

    3 times a day when sick/ 1 time a day for prevention

    Ages 6 months to 11 months: .5ml/one-fourth of a dropper full

    Ages 12 months to 13 years old: 1.5ml/half dropper full

    Ages 13+ years old: 3ml/1 dropper full


  • If stored in a cool dry place this item should last for up to 1 year.