CBD Teething cream is a plant based chemical free solution for all of yours and your baby's oral troubles! A small amount rubbed on the gums will relieve the pain and stress of teething, tooth pain, and even a burned tounge. CBD is non-psychoactive and contains zero THC. Safe for use in infants 6 months and older. Comes in a 1oz tin.
Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil helps the most when combined with other oils. Coconut oil is known most for it's antibacterial properties, as well as it's cleaning properties which makes this a great cleasning oil. Coconut used in JHN products is organic and unrefined.
Most commonly known for it's calming properties, chamomile literally calms the skin. It has a calming sweet gentle aroma that is also commonly used in aromatherapy. Chamomile flowers used in JHN are locally organically grown, dried in house, and powdered in house.
Maple Syrup:
Maple syrup is a vegan sweetening alternative honey. Maple syrup is more suitable for infants and is exracted from tree sap. We use grade organic maple syrup only.
CBD Oil:
Our CBD is sourced from a local dispensary. CBD is another healing wonder plant in itself. CBD is most commonly recognized for it's incredible ability to immediately ease pain, anxiety, and depression. CBD has also been known to combat cancer and boost the natural immune system. CBD contains 0% THC and is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, which means you will not experience a "head-high". A few things to know about CBD is that it is federally legal, we have an endocannabinoid system to help the human body process it, and even breast milk has naturally occuring cannabinoids. CBD is one of the most naturally potent healers on the planet, and is truly medicinal at it's core properties.

Calming Chamomile CBD Teething Cream

  • Apply half of a dime sized amount of teething cream to the gums and gently massage in affected areas. If another dose is needed apply another dose 30 minutes after the first dose.


    About 25mg per dose. Use sparingly.

  • If stored in a cool dark place this item should last for up to 1 year.


    *Seperation may occur naturally. If seperation occurs refridgerate for about 30 minutes and mix together again.