The CBD Kid'd Cannabox is the ultimate plant powered medicine bundle for kids! If your child needs CBD healing from head to toe this variety CBD Cannabox is safe for littles and powerfully effective! This box includes: Bedtime CBD Baby Butter (6oz), Sweet Relief CBD EO Roller Blend (1oz), *Kidberry CBD Tincture (4oz), Calming Chamomile CBD Teething Cream(15ml) *Tincture available in limited quantites. When the Tincture is not available the bundle price will be reduced accordingly.

CBD Kid's Cannabox

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  • Body Butter: Apply to the body butter to any area of the body and massage in until absorbed.

    CBD EO Roller: Roll onto palms, bottom of feet, or chest. Dose up every 30 minutes until desired feeling.

    CBD Kidberry Tincture: Specific CBD elderberry doseage, storage and instructions are listed in the description of the item.

    Calming Chamomile CBD Teething Cream: Apply a small amount of cream to the gums.


    100mg per dose, per item

  • If stored in a cool dry place these items should last up to 1 year.