The CBD Cannabox is the ultimate plant powered medicine bundle. If you need CBD healing from head to toe this variety CBD Cannabox is for you! This box includes:Eczema Cannabutter (6oz)CBD Honey Bear (2oz)Poison Ivy EX Strength CBD EO Roller (1oz)

CBD Cannabox

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  • Body Butter: Apply to the body butter to any area of the body and massage in until absorbed.

    CBD Honey: Honey can be taken directly or mixed into any beverage. 1 tablespoon per dose. Dose up every 30 minutes until desired feeling.

    CBD Elderberry: Specific CBD elderberry doseage, storage and instructions are listed in the description of the item.


    100mg per dose, per item

  • If stored in a cool dry place these items should last up to 1 year.