AvoKiddo Triple Butter is the ultimate butter blend to keep your child's skin moisturized and healthy! It smells like sweet cookies and has a fun green color that your kids will love! This item can be used for adult skin as well, but of course we had to put something really special together just for the kids! Comes in a 6oz container.


Shea Butter:

Shea butter comes from the shea nut and is native to Africa. Shea butter is extremely rich in fatty acids that deeply locks moisture into the hair and skin. Shea butter has been known to help and heal the most dry of skin and hair. It comes whipped light and fluffy ready for the skin and or hair to absorb.


Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter is mostly known for it's rich chocolately aroma. It is most famous for helping with body scars and stretchmarks due to it's high vitmain e content. Cocoa butter comes firm in it's unaltered form but once it is blended and whipped into a butter it becomes rich a soft creamy texture that leaves skin feeling devinely soft.


Mango Butter:

Mango Butter is processed from the oils that come from the nut of the mango fruit. Mango butter is one of the lighter butters and absorbs into the skin very easily without leaving a greasy feeling. Mango butter is high in vitamin e and makes the skin silky soft upon application.



All of our honey is bought from a local organic bee farmer. Honey is a healing syrup of wonder as well as it is a sweetener. Honey is known to help with allergies, flu symptoms, and has amazing skin healing properties as well. Honey is a staple in my family's every day use and it is in many of my products because of it's amazing healing wonders.

Avocado Oil:

My avocado oil is made and processed in house using real avocados. Avocados are high in rich planty fats that are as great for the skin as they are for consumption. Avocado oil has a scent that is very similar to fresh baked cookies. It maintains it's deep rich green color through the extraction process, this color is called chlorophyl that makes plants green. Chlorophyll has amazing skin healing properties as it kills bacteria and is also known as a blood cleaner.


Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil helps the most when combined with other oils. Coconut oil is known most for it's antibacterial properties, as well as it's cleaning properties which makes this a great cleasning oil.



Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is known  as the oil that carries the closest genetic makeup to the human skin's natural oil secretions (known as sebum). Because it is so close to the skin's natural oils, jojoba makes a great replenishing and hydrating oil for the skin.


Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil is derived from plants rich in vitamin E to create a rich concentrated oil for the skin. Vitamin E has countless skin benefits including that of scar healing and promoting elasticity. Vitamin E is essential to the skin's healing process, so this oil is a lovely boost to any skin product blend.


AvoKiddo Triple Butter

  • Best results if applied after a shower while the skin is damp but not too wet. Massage into the body until the oils are absorbed.

  • If stored in a cool dry place this item should last up to 1 year.