Ingredients Index (T-Z)
A comprehensive list of all of the ingredients used in JHN products
{Tumeric Root}

The "golden" herb is what tumeric is most commonly referred to for it's rich golden color to it's medicinal uses. Tumeric is a spice that is very commonly used in India for it's spicey almost cinnamon like flavor. It can be made into various drinks and recipes for consumption as a food product. Tumeric is anti-inflammatory, helps to heal scars and acne, and has a fabulous reputation for causing glowing skin. Tumeric comes as a whole root and is either finely chopped or dried and ground to powder.

{Vegetable Glycerin}

Vegetable glycerin is a sweet tasting clear fluid that comes from the saponification process of vegetable oils. It is food grade and edible. Vegetable glycerin has amazing humectant values much similar to honey. Vegetable glycerin draws in moisture and helps the skin to retain deep penetrating moisture. Glycerin leaves the skin feeling hydrated all day even in the most dry regions. Vegetable glycerin used in JHN products is organic and food-grade.

{Vitamin E Oil}

Vitamin E oil is derived from plants rich in vitamin E to create a rich concentrated oil for the skin. Vitamin E has countless skin benefits including that of scar healing and promoting elasticity. Vitamin E is essential to the skin's healing process, so this oil is a lovely boost to any skin product blend. Vitamin e oil is organic and hand selected for quality.

{White Kaolin Clay}

White kaolin clay is a cousin of bentonite clay. Unlike bentonite clay, kaolin clay has a softening non drying effect on the skin and helps to soothe and reduce irritation.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is naturally derived from plants. Xylitol is a natural safe sweetener that also helps to kill bacteria that causes bad breath. Xylitol also aids greatly in cavity prevention.